Sakina Usengimana

Vice President

Sakina Usengimana is an inspiring entrepreneur. She is the Managing Director of Afri-Foods ltd, a young horticulture export business that focuses on creating job opportunities to youth and women through export of chillies and avocadoes. Sakina has a strong background in business and communication, she is also a Sales and Marketing Voyage graduate – a Marriott International award- winning global leadership program where she was fortunate to attend training in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.
Sakina is a recipient of the 2018-2019 Texas Christian University Wilkens Award to study in the Intensive English Program with the emphasis of Communication and Creative Writing. A graduate of the Akilah Institute in Entrepreneurship, Sakina won a grant in the Institute’s Entrepreneurship Competition in 2016 to start her first business: Ihogoza Designs.
By providing work for women and youth, Sakina expects to provide the means to educate the next generation about the beauty of agro-business and seeks to inspire young people to take pride in the unique culture of their homeland.