HEAR grows a broad range of horticulture products that include vegetables, fruits, flowers, nuts, and essential oils. Specific products include French beans, snow peas, sugar snaps, eggplant, carrots, cabbage, sweet pepper, chilli, red and white onions, tomato, leeks, garlic, cauliflower, lettuce, courgette, cucumber, avocado, tree tomato, banana, passion fruits, mango, oranges, flowers, and macadamia nuts.

Rwanda’s climate facilitates production of a wide range of fruits, vegetables and flowers throughout the year.

Our horticultural products are the highest quality and comply to market standards due to the best agricultural practices that meet the environmental protection measures. With the entry of new investors, our horticulture exports are reaching local, regional and global markets. 

HEAR’s focus for the export market are high value low volume niche products, referred to as specialties, including French beans, sugar snaps and snow peas, mini leeks, baby corn, and baby carrots.

Below are the various Horticulture products produced by our association: